August 21, 2014

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CF Council looks into parking fines PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melanie Bess-Haight   
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 12:42 PM

CRYSTAL FALLS—At its Aug. 12 meeting here, the City Council discussed the city’s ordinance regarding parking on public highways within the city.
The discussion centered on section 11, the parking violation fine. The council is determining whether increasing the fine from $10 is necessary and if it would help deter people from violating the parking laws.
Surrounding cities charge around $20 for each violation. City Manager Dorthea Olson did point out that there are some exceptions for parking overnight. For instance, if an individual has car trouble, they may contact City Hall to arrange an agreement.
“I think the streets are already too constricting. Why are we so focused on the parking tickets when the frequent speeders in town are only receive warnings?” said Mayor Janet Hendrickson.
City Councilor David Sherby said, “We really need to look at this whole ordinance again.” 
The City Council will take some time to look over the ordinance and arrange a public hearing if it decides to mak eany changes to the ordinance.
Olson also updated the council on the progress with the properties the city has purchased. Deeds for both properties have been attained.
The building on Superior Avenue needs to be inspected before it is demolished. The council would like to have the building torn down before winter for safety reasons. After the asbestos inspection is completed, it will start soliciting bids for demolition.
The Malkin property needs some deep cleaning and possibly some roofing work done. The City Council is accepting business plans from the public for use of the property. It currently has two inquiries.
“It is my hope to see that the reuse of this property enhances the downtown district and help bring jobs and development to the city,” said Olson.
The City Council is looking into the possibility of switching internet providers for City Hall. Councilors listened to a proposal from Merit Fiber Optic, a nonprofit company that currently provides internet to the library and the school.
A representative from the Crystal Falls Business Association, Ray Marchi, thanked the council for its support for this year’s events, including the Easter egg hunt, the 10K run and the Fungus Festival.


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