August 20, 2014

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Traffic turmoil! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 1:39 PM

 As we should have expected, most Iron River-area drivers have been able to get around very well despite the U.S. 2 construction now under way.
 Most of them. But a few of them are, shall we say, more than a little confused.

 Old habits die hard. If they are accustomed to having the right of way at an intersection, they expect to always have the right of way. Even if there is a new stop sign facing them. Even if there are signs that say Do Not Enter. Even if they have to drive around barricades to follow the usual path.
 We have seen plenty of that over the last few weeks. Those of us who live on the main drag through town have amused ourselves watching traffic try to cope. Or not try, as the case may be.
 One night, two vans drove right past three huge dump trucks, parked to block off nearly all the street, only to quickly confront an irregular expense of dirt. They came to the sudden realization that “Road Closed” on the signs they drove past means exactly what it says.
 At other times, we have watched cars execute a perfect circle at the intersection where the detour starts. I guess that makes it Iron County’s second traffic roundabout (after the Alpha circle).
 At home, the cats are dealing with it, though not with much enthusiasm. They are quite content during weekends, when the workers are gone for a few days. But at around 6 a.m. Monday, when the banging and scraping and beeping resumes, they start looking edgy. But we suspect they would still rather deal with that than the vacuum cleaner.
 Closer to the action, nature is coping, too. The critters that pass by during the night aren’t having any problem. In a sheltered corner of the front porch, Mrs. Robin isn’t letting all the noise and racket ruffle her feathers as she tends to her three babies.
 Life goes on. The workers dig up the street, they do their work, they refill the hole and eventually they will repave.
 More fun and scrambled traffic patterns are in store—the crews haven’t gotten to that one-block segment of M-189/Fourth Avenue yet. What’s a driver to do?
 That’s simple. First, be patient. We don’t have to deal with detours and one-way streets too often, and it won’t be for long. Sure, it takes longer to get from here to there—but we could think of a bigger pain in the butt for drivers. Have you ever missed your exit on the freeway only to read those fateful words: “Next exit 16 miles”?
 The other thing is, think behind the wheel, look where you are going and do what the traffic signs say. The signs that say “Stop” and “Do Not Enter” and “One Way” and “Road Closed” are there for a reason. Focus on your driving when behind the wheel. And if you have to take “the scenic route,” so what?
 It’s like life itself, which, they say, is all about the journey, not the destination. Enjoy the trip.
--Peter Nocerini

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