August 21, 2014

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Iron River racers win at MASTERS Uphill Drags PDF Print E-mail
Written by Janet Rohde   
Tuesday, February 25, 2014 11:47 AM

CASPIAN—Iron River’s Louie Goldbach won the Top Gun featured class at the Caspian Snowmo-Fest Uphill Drags.
It was an all-Goldbach race team in the finals in both Top Gun and Pro Open Mod. In Top Gun it was the father-son duo of Chris and CJ Nordang that took second and third. This was the first time the young Nordang, CJ, had raced in a Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers (MASTERS) Circuit race.
Goldbach then won the Lindwall Motors Open Mod class, with CJ Nordang taking a 2nd and the elder, Chris Nordang, taking 3rd place.
Chris Nordang is the reigning Top Gun champion in the Ojibwa Casino Racing Series from last year. With the win at the former Caspian Ski Hill, Goldbach now takes a narrow four point lead over Lake Linden’s Jerry Buschell and a five point lead over Chris Nordang with one more snow drag left in the season. That will be the MASTERS Snow Drag Championships at Marquette Mountain in Marquette on Saturday, April 5.
Goldbach only has a one point lead over Buschell in the Pro Open Mod class. Buschell has an eight point lead over Matt Lacosse of Champion in Pro Mod 800, and a 10 point lead over Goldbach in that class.
Buschell won the Pro Mod 800 class over Lacosse and Goldbach. Buschell’s three year unbeaten streak in Pro Mod 700 continued at Caspian. Goldbach Racing does not have a sled entered in that class.
“After a dissapointing performance at Sagola’s Tip Up Town, Louie Goldbach and his team came back with a vengeance at the Caspian Snowmo-Fest Uphill Drags. Now it is all going to come down to one race, that being the Championships at Marquette Mountain” commented MASTERS Racing Circuit President, Skip Schulz.
The Caspian Snowmo-Fest included the Mid America Championship Hillclimb (MACH) and the uphill drags. The weekend brought drivers from three states.
While Minnesota put a driver in the winner’s circle for the hillclimb, the only non-Michigan driver to win at the uphill drags Jason Kleinschmidtof Merrill, Wis. who won the Trail Stock 600 and the Race Stock 600 class.
It was the Iron Range Snowmobile Club that prepared the track the proceeding week and kept the three race lanes in perfect condition throughout the day.
While the father’s were competing, the children were putting on a show for the fans in the 120 cc class. It was Emma Goldbach, Nathan and Carter Lacosse, Sidney Storti and the two brothers that thrilled the fans at the hillclimb that came back and won medals in the drags: Keegan and Nolan Bogetto of Bessemer.
It wasn’t just the guys and the kids competing, but once again the MASTERS only woman to compete was Heather Lynn Maki of L’Anse. Maki raced her Mercury Sno Twister in the two Vintage classes.
Caspian Snowmo-Fest Uphill Drag Results:
Power Engineering Top Gun: 1) Louie Goldbach, Iron River; 2) Chris Nordang, Iron River; 3) CJ Nordang, Iron River.
Lindwall Motors Pro Open Mod: 1) Louie Goldbach; 2) CJ Nordang; 3) Chris Nordang.
Holiday Station-Stores Pro Mod 800: 1) Jerry Buschell, Lake Linden; 2) Matt Lacosse, Champion, MI; 3) Louie Goldbach.
General Concrete Pro Mod 700: 1) Jerry Buschell; 2) Matt Lacosse; 3) Shay Thompson.
Wild Rivers Realty Pro Mod 600: 1) Shay Thompson; 2) Adam Hawkins, Ontonagon; 3) Matt Lacosse.
1st National Bank of Iron River Pro Mod 500: 1) Matt Lacosse; 2) David Wood, Calumet.
Lindwall Motors Race Stock Open: 1) Shay Thompson; 2) Adam Hawkins, Ontonagon; 3) Travis Houtari, Ontonagon.
Iron River Country Club Race Stock 600: 1) Jason Kleinschmidt, Merrill, Wis.; 2) Adam Hawkins; 3) Trevor Wood, Calumet.
Rhino Refrigeration Trail Stock 800: 1) Shay Thompson; 2) David Wood; 3) Travis Houtari.
Iron Range Snowmobile Club Trail Stock 600: 1) Jason Kleinschmidt; 2) Trevor Wood; 3) Matt Lacosse.
Ojibwa Casino’s Vintage Div., Super V/V-8: 1) Matt Lacosse; 2) Heather Lynn Maki, L’Anse.
Lindwall Motors 120 cc (all champions): Keegan Boggetto, Bessemer; Nolan Bogetto, Bessemer; Emma Goldbach, Iron River; Carter Lacosse, Champion; Nathan Lacosse, Champion; Tomas Stiebe, L’Anse; Sidney StortiIron River.