August 28, 2014

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Zoning rules updated PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wendy Otto-Shimun   
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 12:00 AM

STAMBAUGH TOWNSHIP—The Stambaugh Township Board approved several changes to its zoning ordinances at its December meeting.
A public hearing was held prior to the meeting, where the changes were discussed and the public was given the opportunity to offer input.

The revisions to the zoning ordinance, last amended in 1985, included mandatory changes to the language pertaining to the planning commission, formerly known as the zoning board. The current planning commission now has five members, instead of four, one of whom must be an elected official. The Board of Appeals meetings were changed to April, May, June and July, to allow more time for construction projects.
The major zoning change was to Article 5, pertaining to the residential district’s “A” zone, which previously allowed agricultural functions in its primary uses. The word “agricultural” was removed and an additional article was written.
Article 5.4 Farm Management reads “Cropping or livestock rearing shall not be permitted in the ‘A’ zone. Gardening to be consumed by the land owner is permitted.” The revision came about after complaints of residents keeping a horse on a small lot on Sunrise Avenue, which is located in an “A” zone residential district.
Other changes included removal of the word “repairs” in Article 17.1, which designates the necessity of a land use permit. The amended ordinance states that a land use permit is required for any new construction, alteration or remodeling of any structure within the township.
The entire section on occupancy permits was deleted, as the township no longer deals with them.
The definition of a mobile home was amended to exclude the size requirement of at least 29 feet and 5,000 pounds. The definition now states that a mobile home is “a manufactured, transportable, single family dwelling unit suitable for year round occupancy.”
Article 4, which specifies general provisions for all districts, saw removal of the words “to be used as a dwelling” in Article 4.8 Mobile Homes. The ordinance now states that mobile homes are permitted in the ‘A-R’, ‘A’, ‘L-1’ and ‘S’ districts, provided they comply with the requirements of the district in which they are located. The amendments regarding mobile homes do not pertain to campers, which Kevin Isaacson, township trustee and Planning Commission member, said would need more time to be reviewed.
“The campers will be a lot of work,” he said. Isaacson hopes to work on those updates next year.
There was some discussion regarding undeveloped lakes within the township and whether they should be designated L-2 to prevent any confusion if they become developed in the future. No action was taken, but a decision will be made before new zoning maps are printed.
In an update on Ordinance 29, Supervisor Eugene Pellizzaro reported that the one violator who had refused to purchase a Chicaugon Lake use permit and planned to take the case to court has now backed down. According to the defendant’s attorney, the party has agreed to purchase a $40 permit.
The total amount collected from the lake use permits for the 2012 season was $12,744. Iron County Commissioner-elect Patti Peretto, who begins her term in January, told the board that she will be working on the milfoil issue.


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