August 28, 2014

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Combat Pistol Tournament tests shooters’ skills PDF Print E-mail
Written by Janet Rohde   
Tuesday, October 02, 2012 5:50 PM

CHANNING—On Aug. 25, the Sagola Township Sportsmens Club hosted its third annual Combat Pistol Tournament.
 Shooters from across the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin were all invited and many shooters from the local area also attended.
 The event was divided into four scenarios.

 Each one was from one of the many shooting sports disciplines such as International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) or Steel Challenge.
 Some scenarios would test speed, others would test accuracy, and still others would test the shooters ability to shoot while moving or manipulate/reload the pistol. All runs were timed with missed shots adding time to the shooters score.
 There were four different divisions.
 Junior division was for shooters under the age of 18. Revolver shooters enjoyed the revolver class. All other shooters were divided into two classes.
 The Master Class was for any shooter that has taken first in any pistol event in the area. The “B” Class was for all other shooters.
 In the Junior division, the Plumley boys of Iron Mountain took home second and third place trophies.
 David Plumley narrowly edged his brother, Caleb, for second. Both Plumleys were using Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm’s. First place in the junior division was Jay Loman, 14, of Skanee, shooting his Springfield Armory XD.
 In the “B” class, it was Dave Larson of Crystal Falls earning third with his 1911 in .45 ACP.
 Second place was Jim Forbes of Watersmeet, with his 1911 also in .45 ACP.
 First place in the “B” class was Nick Kasbohm of Carney, using his FN pistol. With his victory Nick will now be shooting in the Master Class in following tournaments.
 In the Revolver class, it was Jay Loman once again, this time in third place in revolver.
 Tony Erickson of Kingsford earned a second place finish.
 Kyle Kujala-Korpela of Iron Mountain shot the fastest time in the revolver class earning him first place. All three top shooters in the revolver class used Smith & Wesson 625 revolvers.
 In the Master class, it was an all instructor finish.
 Kyle Kujala-Korpela took home third place with his Springfield Armory 1911. Jon Niggeling of Iron Mountain earned second place with his Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm, less than four seconds behind first place shooter Tony Erickson.
 Erickson used his Glock 34, 9mm. All three top shooters in the Master class are instructors for and sponsored by Bullseyes to Badguys.
 There were also two side events at this shoot. The “sniper walk off” starts at 30 yards and moves back further.
 As shooters miss they are eliminated. The last shooter left at 65 yards was Nick Kasbohm.
 Nick was awarded a $50 gift card donated by Rocconi Ace Hardware of Iron Mountain.
 The other event was the dueling tree elimination round. Any shooter wanting to enter would be placed in a bracket and assigned a rival shooter. As shooters eliminated their rivals and moved on there would only be two shooters left.
 Jay Loman narrowly defeated Master class shooter Peter Murphy in the final round. Jay earned himself $50 donated by Bullseyes to Badguys of Kingsford.
 The Sagola Township Sportsmens Club will hold its final pistol shoot of the season Sept. 29. This will be a “Steel Challenge” shoot.
 For more information on this or other shooting opportunities, contact Tony Erickson at (906) 396-1119.