August 27, 2014

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012 12:42 PM

That’s what we’re asking our readers.
      As our front page article says, we’re inviting our readers to make their views known about items they read in The Reporter’s top news stories.
     We’re still going to use our letters to the editor format, what you’re familiar with as Readers’ Viewpoint. This new addition simply takes the viewpoint to a different level.
     Under our new comment format, readers are, again, invited to send in their comments, which will be limited to “50 words or less.”
     This brevity of words, like a Twitter comment, gives us the opportunity to publish as many as we can regarding the previous week’s news stories.
     Your name will be kept confidential, so you can use a personal “tag” name, much as you see on Internet blog sites.
       However, because of liability concerns, etc., we need to have you include your full  name, address and telephone number, which will not be printed with your comment, just your personal tag name, which you include.
    Any comment we receive that does not identify the author, will not be published.
     Your comments can be emailed to:
     Why are we doing this? Easy, we are an information generation, regardless of how old we are, or how young.
     We have opinions and sometimes we feel left out of the loop. We can’t always make a municipal meeting, where decisions are made that may have a significant impact on our lives.
     With that said, please be sure to note, we are not asking solely for “nasty” comments. If your municipal board… county, township, city… is doing something in your area that you think is “marvelous,” please send in those comments as well.
     Your elected officials need to know when they are “spot on” a topic, just as much as they need to know when they’ve totally missed the mark.
     And, there’s no reason you can’t comment on whether or not you like our new comment segment.
 Got a comment? Let us know.
--Allyce Westphal


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