August 28, 2014

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Butsic returns, wins Half Bass PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Nocerini   
Tuesday, July 17, 2012 1:37 PM

A big field—111 runners—took part in the 10K Run Your Bass Off race, which started at Runkle Lake Park in Crystal Falls July 8 as part of the Bass Festival. The Half Bass race drew nearly double the runners—210.
CRYSTAL FALLS—It’s been a while since John Butsic wore West Iron County’s blue and white in a race for the Wykons.
 But Butsic showed he hasn’t lost his love of running at the Run Your Bass Off races here July 8 when he won the men’s division in the 5K Half Bass run, which started and ended at Runkle Lake Park.

 Butsic, who graduated from West Iron in 1996, went on to the University of Michigan and now lives in Ypsilanti with his wife and daughter. He teaches at a Catholic school in Ann Arbor, coaching middle school track, cross country and basketball.
 After graduating from U-M, “I had taken a bunch of time off from running and just started running in the last year. I’m just getting back into it.”
 He caught a break from another runner’s confusion about the course. “He was ahead of me most of the way. At the end, he took a wrong turn and added on a little extra [time].
 “I was 10 or 15 seconds behind him when he took the wrong turn. When he came out, we were actually right next to each other. Then I kind of just put on a little spurt at the end and was able to pass him.
 “Not the way you want to win, but you take them where you can get them. That’s one of the advantages of having run this course many times when I was a youth—I knew where I was supposed to go.”
 Butsic estimates that he took part in the Bass Run six times—most recently in 2002, when he won the Half Bass. Next up for him: the Great Lakes Relay in the northern Lower Peninsula, which covers 270 miles in three days. He was running on a team of U-M grads that won the race last year—“a bunch of the best runners in Michigan.”
 Butsic won by a margin of 7.3 seconds over Jason Kut of Quantico, Va., in the closest result of the day. Three more Iron County runners finished in the top five: Clay Roberts, Mark Hallmann and Justin Sieger.
 Rachel King of St. Michael, Minn., won the women’s Half Bass in 25:22.9. Casey Ponchaud of Crystal Falls was the best local runner, taking 14th.
 In the 10K Run Your Bass Race, Kyle Rosseau of Brookings, S.D., won in 33:09.7; Tony Silva of Crystal Falls was sixth. Rosseau has family living in Iron County.
 The women’s 10K went to Sara Trevillan of Iron Mountain in 42:50.8, which was 4½ minutes better than second place—Holly Safford of Iron River claimed fourth in 48:36.0.
 A total of 208 runners took part in the Half Bass, with 109 joining in the 10K run.
 Half Bass—Female
 Top overall finishers: 1. Rachel King, St. Michael, Minn., 25:22.9; 2. Brie Rahoi, Marquette, Mich., 27:08.8; 3. Doris Windsand-Dausman, Harriman, Tenn., 28.24.4; 4. Sue Hasenbank, Free Soil, Mich., 29:04.3; 5. Rose Welk, Tugun, Queensland, Australia, 29:37.0.
 Age group winners: 7-13, Kaitlyn Leppiaho, Luxemberg, Wis., 35:14.9; 14-19, Marina Chapman, St. Michael, Minn., 30:29.1; 20-29, Brie Rahoi, 27:08.8; 30-39, Rose Welk, 29:37.0; 40-49, Stacy Finzel, East Grand Rapids, Mich., 31:09.8; 50-59, Doris Windsand-Dausman, Harriman, Tenn., 28:24.4; 60-69, Elizabeth Dybdahl, Green Bay, Wis., 38:53.4; Clydesdale, Nikki Peddycord, Chesterfield, Mich., 37:36.0.
 Half Bass—Male
 Top overall finishers: 1. John Butsic, Ypsilanti, Mich., 21:19.2; 2. Jason Kut, Quantic, Va., 21:26.5; 3. Clay Roberts, Anchorage, Alaska, 22:40.3; 4. Mark Hallmann, Amasa, Mich., 22:45.4; 5. Justin Sieger, Gaastra, Mich., 22:52.7.
 Age group winners: 7-13, Ryan Orchard, Xenia, Ohio, 28:13.4; 14-19, Mark Hallmann, 22:45.4; 20-29, Clay Roberts, 22:40.3; 30-39, Jason Kut, 21:26.5; 40-49, Max Grengs, Grand Rapids, Mich., 26:23.1; 50-59, Steve Orchard, Kingsford, Mich., 23:57.5; 60-69, Daniel Whitman, L’Anse, Mich., 28:54.1; 70-79, Robert Reuss, Tuscon, Ariz., 1:04.01.8; 80-over, Ron Helgren, Florence, Wis., 43:56.2; Clydesdale, Ed Peddycord, Chesterfield, Mich., 34:24.2.
 10K Full Bass—Female
 Top overall finishers: 1. Sara Trevillan, Iron Mountain, 42:50.8; 2. Kristi Olson, Norway, Mich., 47:22.3; 3. Karen Prusi, Negaunee, Mich., 48:09.8; 4. Holly Safford, Iron River, Mich., 48:36.0; 5. Hilary Beauchamp, Kingsford, Mich., 49:08.7.
 Age group winners: 7-13, Brooklyn Wolosyn, Niagara, Wis., 1:06;42.1; 14-19, Jenny Goeman, Florence, Wis., 49:45.7; 20-29, Holly Safford, 48:36.0; 30-39, Kristi Olson, 47:22.3; 40-49, Melissa Johnson, Sun Prairie, Wis., 51:18.5; 50-59, Donna Barrette, Mohawk, Mich., 54:13.7; 60-69, Beanie Leffler, Florence, Wis., 55:43.0.
 10K Full Bass—Male
 Top overall finishers: 1. Kyle Rosseau, Brookings, S.D., 33:09.7; 2. Jake Keehan, Oxford, Mass., 35:09.7; 3. Drew Richmond, Iron Mountain, Mich., 40:19.6; 4. Tyler Nault, Peshtigo, Wis., 40:52.9; 5. Christopher Kyle, Marquette, Mich., 41:55.2.
 Age group winners: 7-13, Isaac Woller, Marinette, Wis., 55:44.8; 14-19, Tyler Nault, 40:52.9; 20-29, Jake Keehan, 35:09.7; 30-39, Dan Pippel, De Mar, Calif., 42:28.9; 40-49, Drew Richmond, 40:19.6; 50-59, Brian Piper, 45:31.8; 60-69, Gary Engstrom, Ironwood, Mich., 51:53.1; 70-79, Arlen Sunn, Iron River, Mich., 58:17.3.


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