Three win all Strongman tests

CRYSTAL FALLS—Three competitors recorded perfect days during the 2018 U.P. Strongman contest, held at the Butler potato farm on Aug. 11.
    Those three won all five of their events to claim first place in their division: Kevin Anderson of Niagara in the men’s lightweight, Noel Bruce of Bark River in the men’s middleweight; and Bethy Williams of Marquette in the women’s open division.
    Overall, 25 competitors took part in the event, including eight in a crowded women’s division, and put on a good show for spectators.
    “The competitors seemed to really enjoy the competition,” reported Bill Santilli, one of the organizers, “and they all displayed outstanding sportsmanship.”
    The event is organized by Jim Butler as a fundraiser for Forest Park’s football program. Competitors took part in five events: overhead lift, farmers walk/carry, stone/rock lift, push-pull prowler and medley.
    For more information about the U.P. Strongman contest, call Santilli (906-284-1769) or Butler (906-284-2378).
    This year’s results:
    Featherweight: 1. Jake Carlson, Escanaba, 13 points; 2. Aaron Kukura, Crystal Falls, 9; 3. Nick Madigan, Foster City, 8.
    Lightweight: 1. Kevin Anderson, Niagara, 20; 2. Josh Simmons, Gladstone, 14; 3. Rob Semke, Ishpeming, 9; 4. Tristan Leaf, Marquette, 7.
    Middleweight: 1. Noel Bruce, Bark River, 25; 2. Zack Kangas, 19, Marquette; 3. Ben Larson, Escanaba, 15.5; 4. Todd Neumann, Wauwatosa, Wis., 9.5; 5. Jeff Duchaine, Escanaba, 6.
    Heavyweight: 1. Chad Childs, Mayville, 19; 2. Scott Blyly, Green Bay, 14; 3. John Rice, South Boardman, 10; 4. Matt Schuman, Gaastra, 7.
    Men’s masters: 1. Dan Young, Marquette, 5.
    Women’s open: 1. Bethy Williams, Marquette, 40; 2. Dana Paran, Marquette, 32; 3. Ashley Kalkofen, Arnstrong Creek, 30; 4. Amanda Bruce, Bark River, 25; 5. Jarynn Stuart, Marquette, 19; 6. Tiffany Mason, Marquette, 14; 7. Schana Williams, Marquette, 11; 8. Annette Akerley, Escanaba, 9.