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Run Your Bass off cancelled

CRYSTAL FALLS — The 40th annual Run Your Bass Off event has been cancelled because of COVID-19.
    “With a global pandemic still spreading, it has been a year of cancellations,” said Chandra Ziegler of Iron Endurance and the Run Your Bass Off Committee.
    “After much thought and with the safety of everyone in mind, we have decided to cancel the Run Your Bass Off that would’ve coincided with the Bass Fest.”
    The 2020 Bass Fest was recently cancelled as well.
    “We are, however, encouraging everyone to still get active, get outdoors, get inspired,” Ziegler continued. “That has and will always be our mission. Whether you live in Iron County, the U.P., Wisconsin or beyond, we’re still inviting you to do a 5k (or distance of choice). But we are challenging you to dig a little deeper this summer. Even though you might not be able to toe the line with fellow runners or walkers, we are encouraging you to run with a purpose. There is so much going on in our country and we need to come together. Iron Endurance is here to inspire you to take action! We believe there is so much good in the world and we plan to shed some light on all that is good!
    Ziegler suggests picking a cause that speaks to your heart. Take some time in thoughtful reflection and include your family/children. Make it a “team” decision. Train for your challenge, donate your race entry fee(s) to a cause worth fighting for or a family in need or to a friend that needs a pick me up.
“Do your challenge, send positive vibes out to the world while you’re out running and walking, post a picture on our Facebook page of you completing your challenge with a sign sharing your purpose, know that you are making a difference!”