Kinner driven to excel in and out of athletics

Emmy Kinner’s 2016 track season peaked at the U.P. Finals, held in Kingsford June 4, when she won three races in Division 2. Here, she outraced the field in the 100-meter dash. Later, she added wins in the 200 and 400 races.

IRON RIVER—Four years ago this spring, 14-year-old Emmy Kinner made a serendipitous decision for both herself and the near-term future of West Iron County girls track.
    She decidedly, albeit begrudgingly, to join the middle school track team.
    “I wanted to get out of school, so I decided to do track because there were two meets when we left school and we were gone all day,” Kinner recalled. “I hated running. I always said, ‘I’m never going to do track.’”
    And that’s how the track career of one of West Iron’s top female athletes in recent years began. Jump ahead to 2016-17, the 18-year old senior has established two school records– 12.55 seconds in the 100-meter sprint and 1:00 in the 400. She is also within .03 seconds of another school record in the 200.
    Kinner is also an all-West Pac Conference first-team selection and second-team all-U.P. guard in basketball and was the No. 2 singles player on the Wykons’ Great Northern Conference champion tennis team this season. Plus, in her only season running cross county this fall, Kinner finished fourth in the Division 2 U.P. Finals.
    Not too shabby for someone who still jokes that she loves track but hates running before ultimately copping to the fact that she has “learned to love it.”
    What Kinner has going for her, and what has spurred her to athletic and academic heights (she’s a 4.0 student, president of her class and president of the student council) is a strong desire for success and the self-discipline to accomplish the goals she sets.
    “She’s got the ability, she’s got the drive, and she’s got the brains,” said girls track coach Kristi Beruitti. “She can do anything she wants to pursue.”
    “I couldn’t even tell you what her limits are,” said girls basketball coach Mike Dallavalle, who is also Kinner’s physics teacher. “You take her grade point, everything she’s involved in and what she’s accomplished in basketball, track and tennis. She’s one of the more complete athletes that we have that can pretty much do everything really well and then be exceedingly good at one or two things.”
    Kinner’s drive to excel is apparent in many ways, but comes through vividly in her athletic preparation. She has consistently attended weight-training sessions four times per week, Berutti said, and is always looking for an edge. As part of that, Kinner is currently on what she calls “a French fry ban.”
    “Not until after the U.P.s (in track),” Kinner said. “That’s the goal.”
    Kinner said the dietary abstention hasn’t been too difficult so far, except when the basketball team stops for food on its away trips. It doesn’t help that Dallavalle tries to tempt her.
    “He shoved one in my face the last time,” Kinner said.
    Kinner has undertaken this discipline as part of her attempt to break the school record in the 200 and the 800 this spring. She also has her sights set on the Division 2 U.P. record in the 400. She and Berutti said

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