Halftime attractions

The Forest Park and West Iron County dance teams came together for a halftime performance during the varsity boys basketball game at Forest Park on Dec. 11. Coaches Marla Bradley and Becky Ahola said the two teams will dance together again when the Trojans and Wykons meet at West Iron County on Jan. 18. Front row, from left: Carolyn Bloomburg, Aubrianna Ahola, Jamie Child, Avery Bociek and Shelby Lambert. Middle row: Jordan Shamion, Rudi Passamani, Piper Passamani, Reese Rivard and Hayle Bugler. Back row: Lydia Ghiotto, Lexi Dominici, Juli Schultz, Taryn Johnson, Isabelle Hoogenboom, Olivia Prudhomme, Macy Johnson, Ella Maloney and Brittany Cunningham. (submitted photo)