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FP offensive struggles lead to twin losses

CRYSTAL FALLS — One of the common refrains about basketball is it’s a game of runs. While that’s often true, basketball is also a game of lulls and the team that minimizes such down stretches the best often ends up the victor.
    Such was the case for the Forest Park Trojans in their 53-46 loss to Bark River Harris on Feb. 21 at Eddie Chambers Gymnasium. The teams played evenly for three quarters of the contest, but it was the Trojans who had the flat spot in the second quarter as they went five minutes with just three points while the Broncos scored 11.
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ehmann said the lull has been all too common this season.
    “Not playing all four quarters. Tonight, it was the second quarter, it’s been the second quarter a couple of times this year. We have good first quarters and then all the sudden we relax or something in the second quarter. I’m not always necessarily sure what it is, maybe we’re not making the adjustments, but we have down quarters and that’s the difference in games.”