Watershed Awareness 2018 campaign launched

IRON COUNTY—The Iron County Watershed Coalition (ICWC) is continuing its “Watershed Awareness” campaign, started in 2017, to bring attention to the area’s water resources and to educate and engage local communities in projects that restore and preserve our watersheds for future generations.
    “The presence of many lake and stream associations throughout Iron County indicates that the health of our water resources is a concern shared by many,” said Maggie Scheffer, campaign manager. According to Scheffer, “Understanding the meaning of ‘watershed’ is essential to realizing how our daily activities impact the watersheds we live in.
    “The Iron County Watershed Coalition endeavors to educate residents by developing watershed awareness. A ‘watershed’ is an area of land that includes streams, rivers and lakes, all draining into a single larger body of water. Within its boundaries, Iron County has seven major watersheds that drain into Lake Michigan, Lake Superior or the Mississippi River. Through education, the ICWC hopes to develop a stewardship ethic supportive of projects that will ensure the highest quality waters, will bolster our local economy and will promote the environmental integrity of the Great Lakes Basin.”
    Watershed Awareness activities, scheduled throughout the county, begins with “Yardening With Mother Nature” on Thursday, May 17, from 5-7 p.m. at the West Iron District Library. Participants will learn about the importance of transforming monoculture turf lawns into productive, eco-friendly, low maintenance and edible landscapes that are safe, sensible and water wise.
    Free gardening materials and supplies will be available, and participants are encouraged to bring plant divisions to swap.

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