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Wagner to speak about Michigan black bears

CRYSTAL FALLS— Doug Wagner, retired DNR, will give a presentation about the Michigan black bear on Sunday, Oct. 20 at 5:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall at United Lutheran Church in Crystal Falls.  
Wagner is a wildlife habitat biologist and has also worked in forest management in the area. He helped with surveys on a variety of wildlife, primarily deer and bear.  
During his presentation he will explain his personal interest that gravitated to the black bear; maintenance consisting mainly of making sure enough sows (female bears) were available for the cubs and if not, the cubs would be transported to different areas which were sometimes located out of state.
He will also explain that instead of relocating the cubs, the DNR decided to take over that part of the operation in the local area.  
Over a 15-year period Wagner has tagged hundreds of bears.  He has had numerous close calls and unusual encounters with the black bear which he will mention in his presentation.
Appetizers and refreshments will be served featuring bear sandwiches and sausage prepared by Pat Sommers at Sommers Wild Game Processing in Crystal Falls.  
Youth are encouraged to attend this community event. Admission is free.