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Rodeo Run goes the distance, plus

Wet conditions marked the start of the annual Rodeo Run, held in Iron River on July 18.

By Peter Nocerini
IRON RIVER—Oops! What happens when runners in a road race miss a turn and go the wrong way?
    In the case of the Windsor Rodeo Run, held by the Windsor Center in Iron River July 19, organizers decided on the spot to create a new division for the runners who ran extra.
    It happened in the 10K race when several runners apparently didn’t see the painted arrows on the pavement that indicate where the course turns. Fred Jacobs followed the arrows, finished first in the men’s 10K and told what happened.
    Jacobs said he was following several runners when he came to the turn arrows on the road. A veteran of the Rodeo Run, Jacobs realized immediately what had happened--the people ahead of him had missed the turn. Jacobs said he tried shouting at them, warning them they had gone off-course, but they were too far away to hear.
    At the finish line, race organizers were wondering aloud what had become of the 10K field, since the time was well off the normal men’s 10K winning time (44 minutes, 12 seconds in 2014). They put 2 and 2 together when Jacobs crossed the finish line at 49:47 and reported what he had seen.
    Race organizers from the Windsor Center decided to create a “15K” division for the runners who had gone the extra distance in the Rodeo Run—and then some.
    A total of 62 runners took part in the Rodeo Run, half of them in the women’s 5K race.

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