Ottawa National Forest updating mailing list

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IRONWOOD — Ottawa National Forest Supervisor Darla Lenz announced that the Forest is updating its mailing list and a fillable information form is now available online or upon request at any Ottawa National Forest office. This form can be used to update current information or request to be added to the Ottawa National Forest’s  mailing lists for future updates.
Interested parties who elect to be on the Ottawa National Forest’s mailing list receive updates via email or through regular mail on projects going on throughout the Forest. Individuals can choose to receive updates on all, or specific resources, projects throughout the Forest or within a selected ranger district. Other options include receiving project quarterly updates through a Schedule of Proposed Actions report and biennial, Forest Plan Monitoring Reports. For those already on the mailing list, this is an opportunity to update contact information as well as preferences on the types of documentation of interest.
If interested, complete a request form and return it to the Forest as soon as possible but know that you can always be added to the mailing list at any time.
Feel free to share this information with others.
The fillable information form can be found on the Ottawa National Forest’s Website: or at any of the Forest offices.
Contact Nathan Dulaney, environmental coordinator, for any additional information or questions.
Those interested may contact Dulaney at or call 906-884-2085, ext. 8842016.