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U.P Habitat Workgroup presenting program

IRON RIVER — The Iron Baraga Conservation District will host Jim Hammill and Stuart Boren from the Upper Peninsula Habitat Workgroup who will be discussing deer and management of winter range.
This presentation will be geared toward landowners and will take place on Friday, Feb. 21, at 6:30 p.m. at the Windsor Center, located at 612 West Adams St. in Iron River.
Hammill and Boren will discuss the possibility of help that landowners can receive in terms of planning assistance and direct funding of deer habitat improvement projects, especially those that would help wintering deer.
Predator/prey discussions will also be a part of the program.  
This program is especially tuned toward landowners, but anyone with an interest in deer and/or forest management would likely find the evening enjoyable and informative.
The Deer Winter Complex/ U.P. Habitat Workgroup is a  diverse group of professionals, retired professionals, concerned landowners and citizens who want to see the deer herd’s winter deer range addressed to meet the needs of the deer both that live their entire lives in the southern U.P. and those that migrate from the northern U.P. to the southern region.  
This group has worked to get the information they need to make informed decisions about proper winter deer habitat for the future and recommendations on how to go about accomplishing this.
Some of this work will be suggested on private land and they will be able to suggest strategies and possible help with this process.