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DNR forecasts successful 2014 firearm deer season

Deer hunters will take to the woods on Nov. 15 for the opening of firearm deer season in Michigan in pursuit of big bucks like this Iron County trophy whitetail. (Kevin Zini photo)

LANSING—The leading reason many individuals participate in deer hunting is simply the opportunity to spend time outdoors with friends and family, but actually harvesting a deer is still very important to many deer hunters. No amount of hunting guarantees a harvest, but preparation and hard work are keys to producing the best chance to see and take deer or to mentor a new hunter through a safe and enjoyable season.
    The 2014 deer season is expected to be a successful year for many hunters, and, as always, will certainly offer the exciting challenge we call “hunting.” Persistence can pay off for deer hunters.
    Nationwide, successful deer hunters hunt an average of 18 days–slightly more than the average of about 14 days that Michigan deer hunters spent afield last year. However, chances for success are greatest for those who are prepared.
    Part of hunting preparations each year includes becoming familiar with the most recent regulations. The deer website of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR)––provides highlights of regulation changes, information about deer management, and links to additional resources, such as a list of deer check stations.
    Refer to the 2014 Hunting and Trapping Digest and Antlerless Digest, available at DNR Operations Service Centers, license vendors or available in electronic formats, for a map of all deer management units (DMUs) and other regulation details.
    Some successful hunting trips are just a result of being in the right place at the right time. Overall, deer activity tends to be highest a few weeks prior to breeding. The peak of breeding activity for Michigan deer generally occurs just prior to the opening of the firearm deer season.

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