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Years of running land Jacobs in UPRRC ‘Hall’

Fred Jacobs was recently inducted in the Upper Peninsula Road Runners Club Hall of Fame. Jacobs, seen here at the Run Your Bass Off in Crystal Falls, tries to add fun to his running efforts.

IRON RIVER—If you have lived within or on the outskirts of the city of Iron River for any length of time, chances are that you’ve seen the svelte, middle-aged brown-haired man running alongside the road at one point.
    Or maybe you’ve seen him while you were walking along the Apple Blossom Trail. Or if you’ve ever attended local running events, you’ve certainly seen him there.
    For Fred Jacobs has spent much of the last 35 running, cross country skiing and snowshoeing - darn near every day.
    All that and more has landed the 60-year-old Jacobs in the Upper Peninsula Road Runners Club Hall of Fame. The Marquette-based organization inducted Jacobs into its Hall in November.
    “It means I’ve been doing it for a while,” said Jacobs, a personable and humble man who is often quick to deflect attention from his accomplishments and the impressive and rare personal discipline he displays. “I guess it means that I’ve run a lot of miles and I’ve made a lot of good friends through it.”
    A lot of miles is a wild understatement, at least for the majority of the population that are not diehard endurance athletes. Jacobs literally runs and cross-country skies a couple thousand miles per year and has competed in scores of 10K runs, half-marathons and marathons, including running in the 100th anniversary of the famed Boston Marathon in 1996.
    As evidence of all this, Jacobs has kept a running/exercising log on a daily basis for the last 32 years, even while on vacation. In the 1998 edition of his journal, Jacobs reported that he’d completed 2,884 miles that year, up from 2,600 miles the year previous.
    His record-keeping is evidence of the meticulousness and the organization of how Jacobs lives his life. In a typical entry in his journal, he describes where he goes, what activity he partakes in, what distance he covers and other assorted comments that are honest and insightful.
    For instance, in his Feb. 28, 1998 entry on a typically cold winter day, Jacobs wrote, in part, “Just really upset. I don’t enjoy running right now. I was miserable coming back (from Sunset Lake.)”

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