Who’s the ‘Fungi-est’ of then all?

It was a funny time at the Mr. Fungi Beardy Pageant that was held during the Humongous Fungus Fest in Crystal Falls. The contest took place on Aug. 5 at the Crystal Theatre with five competing for the title of Mr. Fungi. The audience enjoyed the comedy of contestants parading in Yooper attire, answering man-questions and performing Yooper talent. The winner received a year’s supply of Bearded Apple coffee, a cooler of prizes and a man-bouquet from Sunshine Floral, along with a free entry into the Mr. Upper Peninsula Pageant for 2018. Pictured from left, are Mike Mitchell (contestant), Glen Waarvick (Bearded Apple), Robert Kemp (Mr. Upper Peninsula), Dennis Phillips (2017 Mr. Fungi), Benjamin Garcia (runner-up), Bobby Bullet (contestant), Ryan Lucas (second runner-up) and Jeff Ofsdahl (pageant MC from the Iron County Economic Chamber Alliance). Judging the event were Michelle Graves, Teresa Cornelia and Carol Foucault.