IAHA, Caspian OK agreement discussion

CASPIAN — Following a lengthy discussion at the March 11 Caspian City Commission meeting, the board and the Iron County Amateur Hockey Association (IAHA) voiced agreement to meet to work on a new contract between the two entities.
      That decision comes after the city voted to terminate the agreement with the hockey association if a payment to the city for the annual insurance fee for the multipurpose building was not received by March 1. Turns out, it was.
      At the February meeting, City Manager John Stokoski noted that he had billed IAHA for the $3,324 insurance premium twice since Dec. 19, prompting the city to take the action to terminate the agreement if payment was not made by the March 1 date.
      Stokoski also noted that the hockey association had requested to see a copy of the insurance policy to see what it covered.
      The city’s March agenda documents included a letter from the hockey association noting that a check had been dropped off at city hall on the morning of Feb. 28.
      “IAHA submitted payment to the city in good faith and look forward to discussing a new agreement that is clear and upheld,” the letter read.
      At the March meeting, a group of hockey association members, led by IAHA President Kaycee Johnson, attended the session, voicing a concern regarding the approximate $2,000 increase in the premium from previous years.
      Stokoski explained that following a 10-year re-evaluation of the city’s entire insurance by the Michigan Municipal League, the multipurpose building had increased in value. The city’s insurance also increased, he said, but the majority of the increase was from the city’s hockey building.
      “You are paying the insurance for that building,” Stokoski told the hockey group.
      “But it’s not our building,” Johnson said.

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