Head Start kids get grounded with gardens

Head Start teacher Holly Golfis and her students created the “Little Diggers” garden at the Bates Head Start Center. The garden includes three above-ground boxes that are used to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables. The small plot behind the Bates school gives the youngsters an interactive way of learning about gardening.

IRON RIVER—There is a time for students to learn about the science of gardening from books, lectures and discussions. That type of instruction begins in elementary school and continues into high school and sometimes beyond.
    But that type of pedagogy isn’t really for children just beginning their education. At that stage, direct, interactive and hands-on instruction is vital.
    This is something Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District Head Start teacher Holly Golfis knows. So, to teach her 3- to 5-year old students about planting and cultivating vegetables, fruits and flowers, she spearheaded an effort to build a small garden so that the youngsters could, literally, get their hands dirty while they learn.

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