Finnish Reggae, folk-rock bands at Harvest and Haunt

IRON RIVER—The Iron County Economic Chamber Alliance, in collaboration with local businesses and organizations, is hosting the fourth annual Harvest and Haunt Fall Festival on Saturday, Sept. 29, from 3-9 p.m. at the Klint Safford Memorial RV Park in Iron River.
    Among the flurry of activities that will happen at the festival, a favorite is the live music performed by a wide variety of acts throughout the day. This year’s artists include two new-to-Iron-County acts: Conga Se Menne of Marquette and No Reason of Galesburg, Ill.  
    Taking the stage at 5 p.m. following an opening set by the Outer Edge, will be Conga Se Menne – a six-piece, Finnish Reggae band that is among the most sought-after acts in the Lake Superior region. Founded in 1994, the group has perfected their signature brand of Reggae, rock, blues, funk and Caribbean tunes with a Finnish twist.
    According to the band’s founder, Derrell Syria, the name of the band is a play on words taken from the Finnish saying “Kuinka se mene?” meaning “How are you doing?” and the lyrics to his original songs include nods to his Yooper heritage.
    Delighting the audience by the light of the Harvest and Haunt bonfire at 7 p.m. will be No Reason, a three-piece, folk-rock group playing classic and B-side hits across the rock spectrum.
    Playing together for several decades, the musicians blend sweet three-part harmonies with acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin and djembe drum music.
    “No Reason is incredibly fun to listen to,” said Paul Schuytema, executive director of The Alliance. “They play everything from Pink Floyd to Jackson Brown, David Bowie to Crosby, Stills and Nash.”
    In addition to live music, event attendees will enjoy a free cornhole tournament, a free Family Fun Zone courtesy of Grace Covenant Church, numerous food and craft vendors, free trick-or-treating around the Haunted Campground, and many more activities for all ages.
    Visit to see a full schedule of events or call 265-3822 for more information.