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Davis returns to Crystal Falls after whirlwind year

CRYSTAL FALLS—In mid-May, Joshua Davis stood before the nation as a finalist in the NBC-hit reality singing competition “The Voice.” Three months later, the singer-songwriter from Traverse City stood before two full audiences at the Crystal Theatre to bring his blend of American roots music, folk, blues, jazz and rock to his local fans.
    Davis, who finished third in “The Voice” competition, performed two shows at the Crystal Theatre Aug. 9 with the Joshua Davis Trio. He offered the audiences a blend of original songs and covers from such artists at Tom Waits, delighting those who came out to see the Marquette-born artist in person.
    “I thought it was just awesome,” said Louise Ahola of Crystal Falls. “How more proud can we be to have someone from the U.P. representing us in such a wonderful way, and it’s nice that he came here to perform live for us.”
    After concluding his 2 p.m. performance and stopping to sign CDs and take pictures with fans, Davis offered a few thoughts on his past, his present and his future.
    Reporter: What are your impressions of playing at the Crystal Theatre?
    Davis: “It is an intimate venue, but it’s a beautiful venue. I like theatres that have history, and this has a lot of history. It’s wonderful to see a relic like this being taken such
 good care of, because I do a lot of traveling and I like to see old buildings. And a lot of them haven’t been taken care of well and are rotting and falling apart. But to have the life still left in this and to have it be used for that what … it wants the seats to be full, it wants music to be played, so it’s a great joy to be able to be here.”
    Reporter: What is your connection to the U.P.?

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