Caspian Centennial events scheduled at museum

CASPIAN—As Caspian celebrates its 100th birthday in 2018, there will be two opportunities to travel back in time to relive the history of the Centennial City.  
    First, the Iron County Museum will host a PowerPoint program titled “Caspian, the Caring City” beginning at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 26.
    On Saturday, July 28, memories will be shared at a round table at the museum beginning at 6:30 p.m. The theme will be “I Remember.” The open discussion will allow residents and visitors to participate in the exchange of stories — some of them expected to be unique — about Caspian.  Caspian native and event organizer Karen Dobson said the goal of the round table is allow everyone the chance to share.
    “We have divided Caspian geographically,” Dobson explained. “The divisions will be Old Caspian, Berkshire Location and Palatka, Dober Location, Caspian Hill, Caspian south of Baltic Avenue and north of the river, Caspian south of Baltic Avenue and south of the river, and Caspian north of Baltic Avenue.”
    There is at least one unique feature, but probably more, of each area. Old Caspian is home to the Verona Club House, for instance. Berkshire was near the Palatka School. Caspian Hill had the ski slide.  The Dober had Mottes’ store.  
    On the south side of Caspian, there was the community center. The north side of Caspian had the business district.  Caspianites, past and present, likely have tales to tell about each of the areas and will be encouraged to share them during the program.
    Dobson said Caspian native Bill Leonoff will moderate the “I Remember” event.
    The museum will provide refreshments for the event and throughout the Centennial.