Break the Silence event procession set for Oct. 17

IRON MOUNTAIN/CRYSTAL FALLS— A “Break the Silence End the Violence” procession will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 17, starting at 10:30 a.m. at the Iron County Courthouse.
    “Domestic violence thrives when it is hidden,” said Cheryl O’Neil of the Caring House in Iron Mountain. “Help us break the silence. Join our community and participate in the ‘Break the Silence Event.’”  
    Every year, the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) conducts a national one-day survey of the nation’s domestic violence programs.  This year’s report reflects that each day, three women died due to domestic violence.
    The NNEDV report reflects that in the state of Michigan for one day:
    --2,550 victims were served
    --1,694 victims sought refuge in emergency shelters or transitional housing
    --856 adults and children received non-residential assistance
    --562 hotline calls were answered
    The Caring House reports that in its community it provides:
    --services to more than 500 individuals annually
    --assistance to 1,400 crisis calls
    --nearly 2,000 bed-nights  
    “We hope the ‘Break the Silence End the Violence’ event will assist the community to better understand the extent of this epidemic and the life and death consequences of domestic violence,” O’Neil said. “On average, about one person a week loses her or his life to domestic violence. The reality is that domestic violence is on an increase in our community, state and nation. A declining economy in the U.S. has affected all Americans, but disproportionately affected victims of domestic violence. While a bad economy does not cause domestic violence, it limits resources and services to victims and thereby limits victims’ choices and options. Caring House, as other programs from across the nation, experienced a decrease in grant revenue and donations and are faced with funding cuts across the board.”