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Blum’s journey leads to Qigong

Crystal Falls resident Chuck Blum has become a practitioner of the healing art of Qigong, in part to help him with his balance after he lost his lower left leg after an accident.

IRON RIVER / CRYSTAL FALLS — It’s 2014 and Chuck Blum is driving a motor scooter in the Traverse City area. An ordinary activity on an ordinary day.
    But what came next was anything but ordinary. Blum collided with another vehicle and his left leg was severally injured. To the point that Blum was in danger of bleeding out right there on the pavement.
    “If it wasn’t for a tree trimmer guy that happened to be at the same intersection ...” Blum recalled. “He came running up with his belt, took it off and gave me a tourniquet and saved me from bleeding out.”
    Blum spent the next 10 days, unconscious, in a hospital. When he finally woke up, he quickly realized his life was forever changed.
    “I woke up and my leg was gone. It was one of those things where a decision was made by my wife (Ann) and my brother who were there. They said the doctor tried to save it, but he said (to them), “In the long run, (Chuck) is going to wish that I never saved it because he’s going to be in a lot of pain.’ There was a lot of nerve damage.”
    The doctor was able to save Blum’s left knee, but nothing further down. So, Blum was forced to begin life anew, at 70 years of age, with a prosthetic for a lower left leg ...
    Now, it’s 2020 and Blum has embarked on a new path, one that has helped improve his overall health and outlook on life. He’s taken up the practice of Qigong.

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