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Bass Fest winners announced

CRYSTAL FALLS—The winners of the various events at the Crystal Falls Lions Club’s 55th annual Bass Festival have been announced.
    Buck board
    1. Joe Vrancic and Tom Princing; 2. Connor Kezerle and TJ Gasbeck; 3. Jason Price and Rob Anderson
    Baby contest
    King: Caedmon Dalton of Crystal Falls
    Prince: Malakai Shehan of Alpha
    Queen: Kaylee George of Willston, N.D.
    Princess: Vivian Simbob of Crystal Falls
    Eric Kushion $1,000; Allyson Van Oss $500; Jerry Fredericks $400; Jen Asplund and Lana Asplund, paddle boards; Tom Hermon, boys bike; Carol Rucinski, girls bike
    Fishing contest
    Small Mouth Bass: 1. Ed Pepin
    Large Mouth Bass: 1. Todd Loehr
    Crappie: 1. Sid Steinke
    Perch: 1 (tied) Todd Loehr and Ed Davis
    Bluegill: 1. Scotty Wagner
    Walleye: 1. Ed Davis
    Pike: 1. Hunter Danske
    Canoe race
    Men: 1. Colten LaChapelle and Nick Baumgartner; 2. Kurt Lehmann and Brian LaChapelle; 3. Lee and Dave Graff
    Women:1. Emily Stroka; 2. Amy Kilekamp and Gary Friestrom; 3. (tied) Amelia Arcand and Rebecca Peterson
    1. Cole’s Store; 2. L & S; 3. Diver Down; 4. Infield
    “The weather was perfect for a weekend outside spending time with family and friends at Runkle Lake Park for the annual Bass Festival,” said Thomas Cornwell. “The Lions Club organizes this annual event to raise funds for the work they do in our community. All proceeds go to helping our neighbors who are in need. What a great way to spend time making memories and raising money so that others in need will be better able to make memories with loved ones as well.
    “None of this could be brought to the community without the generous support of the local businesses that sponsored this year’s festival. We hope that the community will support them by keeping business local and thanking them for their continued support of community activities such as the Bass Festival. We thank all that came out to support our community and Lions Club. We look forward to the 2020 Bass Festival fun.”