Bass Fest winners announced

Pictured, from left, are princess Freya Nantelle, 10-month-old daughter of Kati and Justin Nantelle of Iron Mountain; prince Nate Painter, 8-month-old son of Brandon and Kristi Painter of Crystal Falls; king Bobby Lorenzoni, 17-month-old son of Lew and Becky Lorenzoni of Iron River; and queen Claire Kokotovich, 2 ½-year-old daughter of Nick and Kate Kokotovich of Pleasant Ridge. (submitted photo)

CRYSTAL FALLS—The winners of the various Bass Festival events have been announced. The winners are:
    Parade Winners
    Commercial: 1. Harbour House, 2. Tufts Rondon VFW, 3. Kiwanis Aktion Club
    Theme: 1. Lakeview Bible Church. 2. Greencliff Lawncare, 3. Jacobs Funeral Home
    Comedy: 1. Pirates of Buck Lake, 2. Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp, 3. Elvis (Marilyn Engebos)
    Canoe Race Winners
    Men: 1. Dave Graff and Lee Graff, 2. Nick and Robbie Baumgartner, 3. Robbie, Herb and Marlie Nylund
    Women: 1. Saima and Clifford Santi, 2. Emily Stroka and Jim Pacer, 3. Trisha Nylund Eastley and Phil Pappas
    Baby Contest Winners
    King: Bobby Lorenzoni, 17 months old, Iron River, parents Becky and Lew Lorenzoni
    Prince: Nate Painter, eight months old, Crystal Falls, parents Brandon and Kristi Painter
    Queen: Claire Kokotovich, 2 1/2 years old, Pleasant Ridge, parents Kate and Nick Kokotovich
    Princess: Freya Nantelle, 10 months old, Iron Mountain, parents Kati and Justin Nantelle.
    Horseshoe winners
    First round: 1. Kim Ireland and Bill Galbreth, 2. Ed Piipo and Jeff Fredericks, 3. Harry Robbe and Chad Feries
    Second round: 1. Kim Ireland and Jeff Fredericks, 2. Louis Post and Kris McCarthy, 3. Pat McCarthy and Joe Saier
    Volleyball winners
    1. Diver Down, 2. Infield Bar, 3. Tony’s Western Area Tavern
    Fishing contest winners
    Large Mouth Bass - Edward Davis
    Small Mouth Bass - Rob Damski
    Raffle winners
    Cindy Baker, Crystal Falls, $1,000; Tom Zink, Felch, $500; Steve Landane, Grand Rapids, $400; Martin Cristanelli, $275; Jeff Hagglund, Crystal Falls, $225; Randy McLaren, Iron Mountain, $150; Steve Shirkey, Sagola, $100;
    $50 prize winners were: Chris Fabbri; Tom Hadley, Crystal Falls; Terri Furmanski, Eden Prairie, Minn.; Mike Miller, Schofield, Wis.; Sis Martin, Crystal Fallsl; Annette Conners, Kingsford; Scott Lutey; Alice Clement, Crystal Falls; Flora Flosi, Crystal Falls; Dorothea Olson, Crystal Falls, Kim Mastie, Crystal Falls, Nichole Sund, Sagola