‘Christmas Memories’ reading at Museum

CASPIAN— A dramatic reading entitled “Christmas Memories” will be presented at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 16, at the Iron County Historical Museum. The presentation offers a nostalgic look at holidays in the 1950s and 1960s. The original script was written by Gail Galotta and is based on her childhood memories.
    Galotta is a former teacher who moved to Vulcan from the Chicago area. Her writing credits include published short stories and poems, as well as several plays that she has directed in the area. Galotta was also a columnist for the Iron Mountain Daily News for nine years. She was awarded the “Best Emerging Writer” by the Upper Peninsula Writers Association in 2008 and is currently working on a book. She and her sister, Carol Sundstrom, have performed “Christmas Memories” in various venues over the last several years, and the program includes a multimedia presentation of nostalgic pictures and traditional holiday music.
       “The program brings people together to remember the past,” Galotta said.
    Tradition is a large part of the program’s theme. Baking, decorating, and picking out toys in the Sears catalog are among the highlighted memories. With family ties to both Chicago and the Upper Peninsula, the sisters spent holidays in both areas.  One year the family even ventured to Florida for what Galotta refers to as “Christmas on Mars.” It is an account that is both humorous and touching.
     “Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing one moment and tearing up the next,” said Sundstrom.
       “This program has a lasting effect, like watching a good movie that you think about long afterwards,” Sundstrom continued. “It is a heartwarming reflection for everyone. One of the reasons that this program continues to please even its repeat audiences is because everyone can relate to it. They will be remembering their long-forgotten memories, and even sharing them with the younger generation. The holidays are so busy that this gives everyone a chance to savor those memories.”  
    For more information, contact the Iron County Museum at 265-2617 or by emailing info@ironcountyhistoricalmuseum.org. For updates, see the museum’s Facebook page.