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Readers Viewpoint 2-11-2015

IronLine director offers praise
To the editor:
    As one of the founders and directors of the IronLine Sled Dog Race and now, the IronLine FatBike Race, I have seen almost every aspect of this great event from almost every angle. However, this year, I was fortunate enough to have a group of staff, volunteers, and department directors who did such a fantastic job at planning and execution that I was able to participate in our own event—gaining me a wholly fresh perspective. It wasn’t until I was racing 24 miles on my FatBike that I saw the enthusiasm of our road crossing volunteers and watch them vigilantly hold their posts, even in remote temperatures dropped. It wasn’t until I had my tires on the trail that I saw firsthand how thoroughly our brilliant trail crew had marked and laid out the trail. It wasn’t until this third race that I understood the beauty of this trail and got to appreciate Iron River/Iron County for what it truly is—quiet serenity. I was also blown away by the excitement of my fellow participants coming in from all over Michigan and a few other states, as well as Canada! And last, but certainly not least, my respect goes to our hard-working and tireless sheriffs, firefighters, ham radio club, and our Search & Rescue crew...who personally saved my exhausted and forgetful self by handing me a couple Snickers bars to get me home.
    Without a fabulous small community and county and countless volunteers, the IronLine wouldn’t be possible, it just wouldn’t! My hat and all the hats of Team IronLine, go off to you all. Thanks and God Bless You.
-s- Josh Brindle
Iron River

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