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Readers Viewpoint 12-17-2014

Support for Caspian officials
To the editor:
    City Manager John Stokoski, Treasurer Sandra Sundquist, Police Chief Terry Post, mechanic Tony Tomasoski and laborer Jim Waligursky are five individuals who are honest, reliable, hard-working and productive. They have given their all for the city of Caspian.
    Have they made mistakes? Of course. Anyone who does anything worthwhile makes mistakes, but they have learned from them and have become better employees as a result.
    These employees have helped to make the city of Caspian a better place to live. As a result, we, the citizens of Caspian, should give them our respect and cooperation.
    We should not be for change when change is not needed. The only change that should be made is in those people with negative attitudes, who want massive changes as a result of vendettas.
-s- Richard Sundquist