Wool sentenced to prison term

CRYSTAL FALLS—Almost a year and a half after he killed a draft horse, shot another and fired shots at neighbors, 20-year-old Luke Benjamin Wool was sent to prison.
    Wool will spend the next 11 to 30 years incarcerated by the Michigan Department of Corrections after being sentenced by Iron County Judge C. Joseph Schwedler in Iron County Trial Court on July 9. At an earlier hearing, the Crystal Falls man agreed to plead no contest to attempted murder (a felony punishable by life or any number of terms).
    He was also originally charged with discharging a firearm in or at a building (a 10-year felony), two counts of killing/torturing animals (four-year felonies) and felony firearm possession (two years), but those other charges were dismissed in the plea arraignment.
    During a shooting spree in March 2017, Wool fired at neighbor Shawn Colberg after he shot a draft horse owned by another neighbor, Charles Battan. The investigation report stated that Colberg said he was outside his home doing maintenance when he heard the sound of a bullet passing within 6 to 8 feet of his head.
    Colberg said the bullet entered his house through a window and that the projectile was found on the floor. He reported that his wife, Denise Meszaros, was approximately 10 feet from where the spent round was discovered.

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