Windsor Center: where to shape up

IRON RIVER— Iron River’s Windsor Center – between Open Mic Night and the movies regularly featured in its auditorium – has a reputation in the area as a place for locals to gather for a night on the town. But it also serves another role during the day, that of a health and wellness facility.
    The center has a storied history, since not all that long ago it was the West Iron County Middle School and before that the school district’s high school. Economic pressure put an end to that a decade ago, but members of the community re-purposed the building into a facility that could serve the community in multiple roles.
    While perhaps its most visible role is that of a place of entertainment, there are also numerous facilities inside to keep the community in shape. The most easily accessible of these facilities are on the first floor. The least inconspicuous of these can be seen just after passing through the front door on the south side of the building, as directly ahead is the basketball court.
    Basketball as a game needs little introduction, and the court itself is still used for some school games. The room has four hoops permanently affixed to the walls. A set of smaller, transportable hoops sit off to the side, and balls dot the room. The court also doubles as a pickleball venue. Pickleball is a newer game, developed in the 20th century by a Washington State politician named Joel Pritchard. The rules are somewhat similar to tennis, however the equipment (paddles and a plastic ball) differ. It has a number of fans and participants in the area, and they use this room for some of their games. The court also hosts kid’s karate.

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