Windsor Center: hub for commerce

IRON RIVER—The Windsor Center, centrally located in downtown Iron River, houses a wide variety of organizations and single-person counseling outfits. In addition to the many community resources based out of the facility, there are also many for-profit businesses in Iron River that have made the center their headquarters.
    Some of these businesses have recently been featured in the Reporter; for example, Forged Fitness – and their affiliated network – operate in that facility under a commercial model. Broadly speaking, many of them do fit within the framework of physical and mental health management services. However, there are also many that do not. These additional ventures cover a wide range of industries. Some of them also cover a wide area, through their presence not only in the community, but also across the Great Lakes.
    One of the larger outfits in the center is Nicolet Sign, owned by Kris Hughes. Nicolet had been around for a number of years before Hughes assumed control of the company in 2002. Previously based next to Northland Automotive and Powersports on Genesee Street, Nicolet Sign moved into the Windsor Center back in November 2015 and were so pleased with the new location that they rewarded the person who suggested it to them.
    The company itself is not a small operation - it builds and designs signage for a number of business and individuals across the entire Great Lakes region. While the Iron River location has both design and installation facilities, there is an additional installation crew in the Milwaukee area.
    Presently, Hughes revealed that current projects being handled by Nicolet range from contracts out of Kenosha up to roles in local projects such as the city of Iron River’s “Welcome Sign” project (installation only held up now due to the weather).
    The company also handles corporate-level contracts, doing work for the likes of State Farm and McDonald’s. In the case of McDonald’s, Nicolet Sign are not only assisting

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