Windsor Center houses many options

IRON RIVER—The Windsor Center has a variety of entertainment and health services housed within it, although a large number of educational and social services call the repurposed school their home, as well. These other organizations and facilities run the gamut, from charitable clubs to holistic health management.
    The center has a number of social opportunities closely associated with it already. Entertainment events such as Open Mic Night, or the movies hosted in the auditorium, draw a number of area residents. Open Mic Night allows local artists a chance to perform a number of acts for a family audience. The movie program provides area residents an opportunity to go see recently released films in a theater-like environment, up to and including concessions near the door.
    Additionally, the West End Players perform at the center. A community theater organization, the West End Players’ next planned production is “Mamma Mia!,” a British play that started its run in 1999 and is one of the longest running plays on London’s West End, and the ninth-longest running show on Broadway. One of the key features of the play is the heavy involvement of ‘70s super-group ABBA and its music in the story.
    The auditorium where many of these events are held has recently been the subject of renovation efforts. Additions affecting the overall experience of both programs there include new sound panels to help improve audio quality in the hall and cosmetic maintenance of the stage area.
    The center also has a number of other labs, outfits and organizations that not only contribute to the community but also are the focus of a fair amount of interest county-wide.
    One of the more popular groups hosted at the center is the Carrie Jacobs-Bond Quilters. The Quilters are a nonprofit organization that is based out of the west end of the second floor of the Windsor Center, taking up three whole rooms on that side, including the old chemistry lab with its original chalk board.
    The Quilters had been around for some time, but before the Windsor Center was established, they had to frequently haul around their equipment. Now with a large, secure space in which to operate, they can leave projects at the center and come back for them at a later date. If someone requires assistance, a fellow member will try to help the best they can. The membership of the organization can also use the rooms to socialize with each other, while they also work on quilts.

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