Windsor Center gets upgrade

IRON RIVER—The auditorium at the Windsor Center is getting some much-needed upgrades.
    George Peterson, the chairman of the Friends of the Windsor Center Committee, met with the Reporter on Nov. 27, to discuss the improvements being made to the facility. Besides breaking down the nature of the changes that were being made to the auditorium, the first floor of the Center as a whole was toured during the 40-minute discussion.
    Formerly used as a school by West Iron County, in 2009 the building was closed in the midst of budget issues and consolidation efforts. Now reopened after an area-wide effort, it functions as a multi-purpose community center. It hosts a gym that area residents can access, a golf simulator with computer assisted training, and even some local businesses
    The center also hosts events, including large craft fairs that have dozens of vendors. The basketball court in back is still used for games, and non-students also use it to entertain themselves. Pickleball, an amalgamation of tennis and badminton, has its share of enthusiasts in the area who use the court for their own play.
    Peterson appeared motivated with the maintenance going on around him, and the building, as the interview was being conducted. Some of the shortfalls of the auditorium were ones he was well aware of, having been a graduate of the school in 1971, and in that capacity had performed on the very stage he was now rehabilitating and rebuilding. He expressed a positive reaction to the support that the community has given the center.
    “We’re just thrilled that the community has supported this effort,” Peterson said, just as one of the main improvements to the auditorium’s sound system were going in. “We got a lot of very generous donations ... the money that we’ve raised through the Open Mic program, through movies, through various fundraisers ... all of that money was raised here, and it stays here.”

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