WIC discusses security issues

IRON RIVER—Stambaugh Elementary School was built in 1957-58, a time when front-door security and visitor management systems were scarcely considered.
    Unfortunately, those days are long gone. The horrors of Columbine and Sandy Hook will long be remembered, and school districts and administrators across the country stress the need to be vigilant in securing a safe environment for students, staff and visitors.
     Like other schools around the United States, Stambaugh Elementary School has a security system, which includes locked doors, a security camera and a buzzer for entrance. But the West Iron County School District would like to improve both the security of the school and some privacy concerns that arise when parents and visitors have ample access to hallways and classroom areas.
    Superintendent Chris Thomson brought up the topic at the school board’s regular monthly meeting Nov. 22.
    “We’re just trying to create another layer of security,” Thomson said. “Right now, if (a parent) wants to drop something off, (he or she) gets full access to the building (after buzzing in.). And if (secretary) Jaci (Baumgartner) is not behind her desk, then we have nothing.”

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