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WIC Board updates policy handbook

IRON RIVER—With another school year just around the corner, the West Iron County School Board updated a couple of policies in the district’s student/parent handbook at its regular monthly meeting Aug. 18.
    The changes concern the acceptable use of networked resources and academic eligibility regulations and procedures for extracurricular activities.
    Middle and High School Principal Mike Berutti explained the proposed changes to the board before it voted. The first concerned computer use discipline guidelines. The update was an addition to the list of violations and penalties for such.
    The violation added reads: “possession of any executable file, to include but not limited to those identified by the extensions listed …. If any file is found to have a changed extension with the intent to hide its true purpose, the possessor will be found in violation.”    
    The first offense will be loss of access for two weeks and notification of parent or guardian. The second offense will be loss of access for the remainder of the year as well as parental or guardian notification.
    The extensions listed in the guidelines are .bat, .pif, .application, .jar, .cmd, .exe, .reg, .scr, .msi and .com.
    “We don’t have a lot of issues with computers, but we want to be prepared that if by chance we want to remove a student from using any of the technology in the building that we have something,” Berutti said.
    The board voted 6-0 to approve the change.
    The second update concerned

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