WIC board reduces soccer deposit

IRON RIVER—Last summer, the Iron River Soccer Association began playing some of its upper division games at Nelson Field. To do so, the association put down a $1,500 deposit with the West Iron County School District.
    The subject arose again at the board’s regular monthly meeting on March 20, but this time the association requested the deposit amount be reduced to $500. The request, which was eventually agreed to by a 4-3 vote, produced a lengthy discussion.    
    Superintendent Chris Thomson explained that the athletic committee could not agree on an amount for the deposit, so the matter was brought before the board at large. Board and athletic committee members had three different amounts in mind – Ryan Meske thought it should stay at $1,500, Ian Gill proposed it be lowered to $500 and Marla Shamion said she was in the middle.
    “The agreement (last year) worked very well, and the respect that the soccer association showed for Nelson Field, that’s not an issue,” Thomson said. “The expense and the investment we have in that field is what for us (is the issue). We have over $10,000 in a given year invested in that field for maintenance, so that’s one of the reasons the board made it $1,500 last year.”
    Association President David McCord said that the contract states that the association would pay for any damage, so the deposit was redundant.
    “Well, I can chase you for $1,500 or I can have your $1,500, so that’s not redundant at all,” WIC board member Dennis Tousignant responded.
    McCord said the association thought it was an excessive fee. “We agreed to it last year because we wanted to prove the fact that we weren’t going to damage the field.”
    Athletic Director Mike Berutti, who was against soccer being played on Nelson Field when the idea came up last year, was then asked to weigh in by Board President Roy Polich.
    “I don’t believe the money is being asked for today, so all your registrations would be in by that time,” Berutti said. “So you would have money. And if I was not mistaken, the check was cut back to you guys on June 30, approximately, so the school district only held the check for about 35 days.
    “If there was some type of damage, I kind of agree that it’s easier to have the money in hand than to go ask for it.”

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