Wall Gym offers several fitness, workout choices

CRYSTAL FALLS—While there are always those who prefer one activity for their physical fitness and exercise routine, many people seek multiple, cross-training options -- from aerobic training and weight lifting to athletic competition and specialized classes.
    The Wall Gym and Fitness Center, located at 1359 West U.S. 2 in Crystal Falls, offers those types of choices for those seeking some variety in their workout regimens.
    “I have a lot of offer,” said owner Matt Waldo. “No other gym around here, really, has as much as I do. We have friendly service, and anyone who has questions we’re willing to help them out.”
    Waldo, a 29-year-old native of Chicago who has lived in Crystal Falls for the last 10 years, took over the former Complete Family Fitness Center from its previous owner. Waldo formerly worked as a cleaner at the business, but decided to take the plunge into small-business ownership this summer.
    “I was just thinking about it for a long time, either leasing it or buying it,” Waldo said. “So, when he said he was closing it down, I thought maybe this is an opportunity. I always wanted to kind of run my own business, and working here, it felt like a home away from home when I would work here. I really kind of wanted this to be my place.”
    So, Waldo and his wife Jessica entered into an agreement to buy the building and all its equipment and held their grand opening on Aug. 1.
    “I wanted to make a run of this place,” said Waldo, whose father Gene was a nationally competitive weight lifter. “I wanted to see a gym succeed. Crystal Falls has so (few) businesses. And I looked into it - Florence, Sagola and Iron River don’t have anything like this.”