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TRICO worker just what NEPCO needs

Ready for another day at work, Sawyer Gossel stands outside the NEPCO plant in Caspian. Hired via TRICO Opportunities, Gossel has been a valuable, versatile employee for the company.

CASPIAN—A relationship that began just after the turn of the century between Northeastern Products Corp. (NEPCO) and TRICO Opportunities Inc. came full circle on Aug. 6 when Sawyer Gossel became an employee of NEPCO.
     NEPCO, located in Caspian, produces eco-friendly, wood fiber-based bedding and litter for veterinarians, breeders and pet owners. TRICO’s mission is “to assist persons with disabilities in maximizing their abilities and capabilities so as to become self-reliant and as self-supporting as possible.”
     After graduating from high school in 2010, Gossel’s first interaction with NEPCO was in 2013, a little under a year after he started working for TRICO.
     Gossel spent the better part of one year with another TRICO worker vacuum packing product. After that job ended, he moved on to other ventures within the program, but his relationship with NEPCO was not yet over, thanks to Robert Rafferty and Mark Stauber.
    Rafferty, TRICO’s Iron County office administrator, and Stauber, NEPCO’s vice president, met in 2001 and first joined forces in 2002, when Stauber contacted Rafferty and told him he had 3,400 bags with valves too long that needed to be cut with scissors. Rafferty sent in a crew, which finished the work in about three weeks. The relationship continued over the years, and between 2002 and 2009, 46 different TRICO employees worked at NEPCO.

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