Townships in line for local road project help

By Peter Nocerini
IRON RIVER—Good news for Iron County’s seven townships. During the Road Commission’s March 13 regular meeting, Superintendent Doug Tomasoski said he is leaning toward another program that would help townships pay for local chip-seal projects this summer.
    For the last several years, the Road Commission has been allocating payments to help townships pay for local projects.
    The match was $10,000 per township in the first several years and increased to $15,000 per township in 2017.
    While it’s too soon to declare the winter of 2017-18 over—it’s only mid-March, after all!—so far it has not been severe, and Tomasoski said he expects the commission will be able to offer another $15,000 match per township this summer.
    A final decision will be made by the April meeting.
    “I think we’re in good shape,” Tomasoski said.
    Projects from 2017 that were bid but not completed due to wet summer weather will be done this year, using the 2017 prices. He said Mike Mottes from Fahrner Paving told him prices for this year “seem to be going up quite a bit.”
    “He said, it’s substantial, what they’re seeing across on the bids, both Michigan and Wisconsin.”
    If a township did not submit projects in 2017, the superintendent noted, the $15,000 match from last year is lost—it could only use 2018 funding.

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