Township races on the ballot

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IRON RIVER — All elected positions in all seven of Iron County’s townships will be decided by voters in the Nov. 3 general election.
    Each of the positions is for four years. All candidates listed on the ballot are printed here (NPA=no party affiliation).
    In addition, voters in Crystal Falls Township will decide on a bond proposal for a new fire station, and voters in Crystal Falls and Mansfield townships will decide on a renewal of the library millage. Details below.
    All candidates in Bates Township are running unopposed.
    Supervisor: Jon S. Oberlin (R).
    Clerk: Barbara Benson-Stafford (R).
    Treasurer: Teresa Nelson (R).
    Trustees: Jane Adams (R), Michael J. Franzene (R).
    All candidates in Crystal Falls Township are running unopposed. Township voters will also decide on a fire station bond proposal and a renewal of the library millage (see below).
    Supervisor: Scott R. Kenney (NPA).
    Clerk: Nancy Niemi (D).
    Treasurer: Jennifer Ketola (D).
    Trustees: Diane Kut (D), Joanne Seppala (D).
    All candidates in Hematite Township are running unop-posed. No candidates are listed for the constable position.
    Supervisor: Joe Hoenig (NPA).
    Clerk: Sally Casiano (D).
    Treasurer: Ashley Haag (R).
    Trustees: Jim Cihak (R), Carlyn Raduechel (R).
    Constable: No candidates on ballot.
    Library board: Carla Beck, Judith Cornelia, Beveley Dallafior, Helen Hord, Erma Lepisto, Tanya Stebbins.
    All candidates in Iron River Township are running unop-posed.
    Supervisor: Scott Tarsi (R).
    Clerk: Amber Laturi (R).
    Treasurer: Dawn Pisoni (R).
    Trustees: Douglas Bruster (R), Mike Sheehy (R).
    All candidates in Mansfield Township are running unopposed. Township voters will also vote on a renewal of the library millage (see below).
    Supervisor: Richard Dryjanski (D).
    Clerk: Arthur Bloomburg (R).
    Treasurer: Deborah J. Strelecki (R).
    Trustees: George Minerick (D), Joseph L. Olson (D).
    Mastodon Township has one contested race: for treasurer. Other candidates are unopposed.
    Supervisor: Frank Siewiorek (R).
    Clerk: Jan Lemke (R).
    Treasurer: Sheri L. Skrzyniarz (D), Stacey Watters (R).
    Trustees: Charles Skinner (D), Mike Bjork (NPA).
    Stambaugh Township also has a contested race: for town-ship clerk. Other candidates are unopposed.
    Supervisor: Kevin S. Isaacson (R).
    Clerk: Theresa Baumgartner (D), Margaret Christensen (R).
    Treasurer: Sharon Rogers (R).
    Trustees: Sherry M. Pangrazzi (D), Dean Stolberg (D).
    Constable: Shelly Losey (D).
    Crystal Falls Township Fire Station bond proposal: The township is asking permission from voters to borrow $2.15 million in general obligation bonds to build and equip a new fire station. Bonds are payable over 40 years. If approved, the estimated millage to pay the bond in 2021 is 0.9121 mill.
    Crystal Falls District Community Library millage proposal: This asks that the current levy of 1.0 mill be renewed for five more years (2021 through 2025). It would raise $152,927 in its first year. This affects property owners in Crystal Falls Township, Mansfield Township and the city of Crystal Falls.