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Thayer cites rift with mayor for resignation

IRON RIVER—The position of city manager can often be a short-term gig. Research analysis on the average tenure of city managers differs but many studies point to approximately five to seven years.
    Certainly, the job is loaded with conflict. Complaints from residents and public accusations are commonplace as city managers often face the ire of frustrated constituents.
    And then there’s the job itself – one loaded with heavy responsibility and many times one contending with shrinking municipal resources.
    In the midst of all of this, in the normal course of a city manager’s tenure, the city council which hired him or her in the first place often changes with each election cycle. The board members that initially hired the individual and have a stake in how well that person performs are replaced by new members who don’t have that connection.
    David Thayer had been the city manager in Iron River for 4½ years before he abruptly resigned at the conclusion of a city council meeting on May 27.
    Yes, the Iron River City Council that hired him, including former mayor Terry Tarsi, have all moved on. But when Thayer was asked during an interview with the Reporter what the reason was for his departure, he centered on a dispute mainly with Mayor Dennis Powell and mostly involving the Department of Public Works.
    Note: Powell declined to comment for this story. In his explanation for turning down the request, Powell said, “there’s already been too much talk” and that Thayer “decided to go another way and that’s about it.”

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