Super Bowl volunteer had a great experience

MINNEAPOLIS—When Barbara Boden-Zorzin looked at herself in the mirror recently, this “true to the core” Green Bay Packers fan saw someone clad in purple, the color of the arch-rival Minnesota Vikings.
    “That was OK,” the former Stambaugh resident wrote. “In reality, it was a Minnesota event, not a Viking event.”
    She wore purple as one of the Crew52 volunteers who worked at many of the events taking place in Minneapolis in conjunction with the Super Bowl game on Feb. 4.
    When the National Football League announced in late 2014 that Minneapolis would host the 2018 Super Bowl, Boden-Zorzin decided to become part of the event in some way.
    An easy decision, really: Football, both the NFL and Big 10, is her favorite spectator sport, and this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of pro football’s biggest event.
    Boden-Zorzin lives in Circle Pines, just 25 minutes from US Bank Stadium, site of the game. “This was my ticket to be in the middle of the action and activities preceding the big game,” by helping make the Super Bowl experience successful for not only the million-plus visitors to the Twin Cities but for the community as well.

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