Students get taste of work life

IRON RIVER/CRYSTAL FALLS—Sometimes a job or a profession sounds good or looks interesting on television. But without the requisite information, young people can find out that things are much different in reality. Therefore, many schools offer a work-study program for seniors to get a taste of potential future professions or programs of study as they prepare for life after high school.
    At West Iron County, the program has been around for decades and has provided students a vital chance to explore and learn.    
    “I think it’s a great opportunity for the students to see if they like or dislike the area that they’re interested in,” said West Iron high school teacher Darin Barry, who is supervisor of the program. “Sometimes they get into it and they go, ‘Do I really like that?’
    “The purpose is to give the student more experience, more exposure into an area that they have an interest in that the school cannot offer.”

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