Stateline Chevrolet buys Iron River dealership

CRYSTAL FALLS/IRON RIVER—Through the last 11 years, Bob and Lew Lorenzoni cultivated an amicable working relationship with Ed Lindwall. Because of that, their respective dealerships – Stateline and Lindwall Motors – didn’t become adversarial.
    It was the type of association that is often rare in the highly competitive automotive industry.
    “What’s unique about our situation is that, going across anywhere else in the country, dealers 15 miles apart, they want to kill each other,” Lew said. “Our situation was incredibly unique in that whenever Ed needed something, we were there for him, and when we needed something from him, he was there for us.”
    So, when Lindwall began considering selling his Iron River dealership, the Lorenzonis, who purchased what became Stateline Chevrolet in 2006, were a natural potential buyer.
    The discussions ended up in a sale that was finalized on Dec. 21, 2016. With the addition, Stateline has added Buick and GMC models to its line and will operate on both sides of Iron County.
    “When the time came that (Ed) was looking to get out, I think he saw that it was going to be good for everybody involved,” Lew said. “We had discussed this with him, just so that we didn’t have some big huge money organization try to come and sweep in. We wanted to avoid that, to keep Iron County the way it is in that regard. And it was beneficial to us, too.”


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