State suspends Varney’s license

LANSING—Michael Varney, a clinical psychologist and registered agent for Superior Psychological Services in Caspian, has been summarily suspended for alleged sexual misconduct with patients, according to a news release from Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs on July 6.
    The administrative complaint has resulted in the suspension of Varney’s license. The Michigan Public Health Code provides for summary suspension of licenses when the public health, safety or welfare requires emergency action.
    The complaint alleges that Varney behaved inappropriately with 10 patients dating back to 2009, including sending sexually suggestive and inappropriate messages; requesting sexually suggestive photos; providing prescription pills in exchange for sexual contact; and divulging confidential information about other patients.
    According to the complaint, Varney’s behavior violates nine counts of the Public Health Code including: providing practice-related services in exchange for sexual favors, sexual conduct with a patient while acting within the health profession, betrayal of professional confidence, negligence, incompetence and lack of good moral character.
    The summary suspension and administrative complaint is strictly an action on Varney’s psychology license in the state of Michigan.
    Varney is also a former
mayor of Caspian. He resigned in August of 2015 citing “an extensive work load.”
    No further information was announced.
    The state licensing department encourages all concerned residents, patients, parents and peers to file complaints against health professionals who may allegedly be risking public health, safety or welfare, the release stated. The department values and relies on complaints from patients and residents to spur investigations into licensed health professionals who are potentially violating the Public Health Code.
    For more information on filing a complaint with the department, visit or review the “Citizen’s Guide to Filing a Complaint.”