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Russell sent to prison for delivery of meth

CRYSTAL FALLS — A 30-year-old Florence, Wisconsin woman, formerly of Iron River, was sentenced to prison for delivery of methamphetamine at a hearing in Iron County Trial Court on Dec. 23.
    Brittany Lyn Russell was sentenced by Iron County Judge Donald S. Powell to 16 months to 20 years in prison for delivery of methamphetamine, a 20-year felony. The charge stemmed from an incident in May 2019 in Iron River. She was also charged with bringing methamphetamine into the Iron County Correctional Facility.    
    The latter fact caused about a month-long delay in Russell’s sentencing. Iron County Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Powell explained that Russell had admitted to having meth hidden in her clothes in one location, but not another.
    That circumstance caused Russell’s scoring guideline to be higher with a potential for prison time rather than a county jail sentence.
    Defense attorney Daniel Jaspen asked for a year in county jail for his client.
    “I think what strikes me the most in this case is that Miss Russell doesn’t have any prior record,” Jaspen said. “I don’t mean to minimize the scenario with the things that she’s been involved in. I understand that it’s a serious offense and that’s why the scoring is what it is.
    “The recommendation from the probation agent remains one year in county jail and I would ask the court to follow that recommendation.”
    When asked if she wished to speak to the court, Russell spoke briefly.
    “I have learned from everything and I wasn’t in my right mind when I did what I did. And I do apologize.”
    Judge Powell was not swayed by Russell’s Mea culpa.
    “Miss Russell, I’m very disturbed that you delivered more than an eighth of an ounce of methamphetamine. Meth in that quantity is likely to be redistributed to other members of the community for a profit by whoever you delivered this to.
    “In this county, if you deliver heroin or methamphetamine, you’re going to prison if I can send you there. And the fact that you’re a woman with young children doesn’t change that fact.”
    After pronouncing his sentence, Powell said he will receive a letter from the Michigan Department of Corrections in about two months asking him if he will recommend boot camp for Russell.
    “I will make my decision at that time.”